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The Clerk's office will be closed for business Tuesday August 1, 2023

Regular Office Hours

  • Tuesdays - 5 PM to 7PM
  • Wednesdays -  9AM-12 and 12:30-5PM
  • Thursdays - 10AM-1PM
  • Last Saturday of every month 9-12

Or by appointment - call 207-293-2915 or email me

Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens

The Property Tax Stabilization Program (the “Program"), is a State program that allows certain senior-citizen residents to stabilize, or freeze, the property taxes on their homestead. As long as you qualify and file a timely application each year, the tax billed to you for your homestead will be frozen at the amount you were billed in the prior tax year. Eligible residents who move may transfer the fixed tax amount to a new homestead, even if that new homestead is in a different Maine municipality.

Read more about this here

Download the application form here

Vehicle Registration

Please remember to bring your insurance card, previous registration and check your mileage when registering your vehicles.

Dog Registration

Please remember to license your dogs. The deadline is January 31, 2024.   Fees for an "altered" dog costs $6.00 to license, and for a dog that is not "altered" the cost is $11.00. Dogs registered after January 31, 2024 will be subject to a state mandated penalty of an additional $25.00 fee.