Ordinance Review Committee Minutes

Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - May 18, 2017

Meeting Date
Susan Burns was the only committee member to attend. Dodi Thompson also attended.

There was not a quorum so no business was conducted. Susan and Dodi briefly discussed the resignation of Marianne Archard, the recent repeal of the Building Ordinance and reinstatement of the Notification of Construction, the possible enlargement of the committee, and the suspension of committee meetings through the summer until the third Thursday in September or October 2017 so the Board of Selectmen can recruit and appoint additional members.

The meeting ended at 7 pm.

-Susan Burns 

Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - Mar. 16, 2017

Meeting Date
Jim Anderberg, Marianne Archard, Tim Bickford, Stanley Webster, Waine Whittier

Discussion of the two opposing ordinances that were passed at the March 10 vote.

Discussion of what can be done to work out clarification and compromises to the building ordinance.

Two of the selectmen, Dodi Thompson and Chris Smith joined the meeting and discussion turned to whether to have a special election decide how to handle the conflicting articles passed during the 3-10 vote. It was agreed that a special election would be the most fair. Meeting adjourned 8:10 PM.

- Marianne Archard

Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - January 19, 2017

Meeting Date
Marianne Archard and Susan Burns

The Ordinance Review Committee met Thursday, January 19th at the Town House at 6:30 pm.  Marianne Archard and Susan Burns attended.

The first discussion item covered review of the proposed ordinance amendments on road setbacks and mobile home park subdivisions. Marianne agreed to make the changes necessary for the February public hearing.

The second discussion item concerned the public hearing date, time and location, set for the Ordinance Review Committee's regular meeting, February 19th at 7 pm in the Town House.

The discussion then covered the Committee's report for the Vienna 2016 Town Report and public notice for the February public hearing.  Susan agreed to draft the Committee's annual report and ordinance warrant articles and the public hearing notice.  Marianne agreed to post the public hearing notices with the proposed amendments at the Town House and Post Office and to send them to Jim Anderberg to post on the Town's website.

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - December 15, 2016

Meeting Date
Jim Anderberg, Marianne Archard and Susan Burns

The Ordinance Review Committee met Thursday, December 15th at the Town House at 6:30 pm. 

Committee members discussed the draft amendments to the road setback requirements following the work session with the Planning Board in November.  The November meeting resulted in a compromise, proposing a setback of a consistent 50-foot distance from public roads and maintaining a 40-foot distance from private roads in the draft amendments to road setback requirements in the Building Ordinance, Shoreland Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations. The November meeting also discussed reducing the building permit fees for so-called hoop and shed-in-a-box structures.  Susan agreed to revise the draft amendments for the Committee's January 2017 meeting.

Committee members also discussed adding the term 'mobile home parks' to the list of uses/types of residences covered by the Subdivision Regulations. The proposed changes would include applicable definitions of terms and incorporate appropriate references to Maine State statutes regarding municipal regulation of mobile home parks.  Susan agreed to draft the proposed subdivision amendments for the January 2017 meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Ordinance Review Committee Minutes - November 17, 2016

Meeting Date
Committee members: Jim Anderberg, Marianne Archard, Susan Burns
Planning board members: Creston Gaither, Waine Whittier, Eddie Lawless, Alan Williams
Code Enforcement officer: John Archard

The meeting focused largely on the draft ordinance revisions establishing consistent road setbacks in the Building, Shoreland Zoning and Subdivision ordinances. Much of the discussion pertained to the 60-foot setback from public roads and the purpose of the setback. Three of the PB members expressed concern that it was excessive, limiting building from too large an area of a lot. VORC members pointed out that on 4- rod (66 ' right-of-way) roads, a shorter 40- foot setback could result in buildings located only seven feet from the edge of the r-o-w. It was finally agreed to set the road setback distance at 50 feet, as currently required in the Subdivision Ordinance. It was also agreed to add proposed language addressing lots with both water and road frontage and setback requirements.

Discussion also covered considering the appropriate fees for building permits for temporary buildings as well as changes to the Subdivision Ordinance regarding mobile home parks.


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