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Vienna Record: Oct-Nov 2018

Selectmen's minutes Aug. 7, 2018 through Sept. 25, 2018

Planning board minutes: July 25, 2018 and Aug. 22, 2018

Union Hall News: Upcoming Halloween Ball and Harvest Dinner

Maine DEP letter regarding free disposal of unusable pesticides

News from the Town Clerk - Offices closed Nov. 22, 2018

Health Officer article on "Aging in Place" by George Smith and Dan Onion

Dr. Shaw Memorial Library news

Fire Department news

Recurring Community events calendar

Mill Stream Grange news

Special upcoming events

Mt. Vernon 5K Loon Lap

Sunday, August 5th - Rain date, August 12th 10 am-Noon

A local event to support the Greater Minnehonk Lake Association and the Mount Vernon Community Partnership Corporation’s efforts to protect and improve the community of Mount Vernon and its lakes

See the details here

Vienna Record: Jun-Jul 2018

Contents of the Jun/Jul 2018 Newsletter

Selectmen’s Minutes—March/April/May 2018

Vienna Historical Society’s Annual Historical Plays announcement

News from the Town Clerk

Union Hall News

Planning Board News

Health Officer: Vaping - What is it? Risks/Benefits?

Bulky Pickup Reminder

Dr. Shaw Memorial Library News

Community News

Fire Department News

Community Swap and Shop

Recurring Community Events

Mill Stream Grange

Mount Vernon Play Group

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