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 Vienna (Vy-enna) a town in Kennebec County was settled in 1786 and incorporated on February 20, 1802 from portions of Goshen and Wyman's plantations. The community was named for what is now Vienna, Austria. (see History of Vienna).


Small, quiet and picturesque, Vienna is located on the northwesterly corner of Kennebec County, 22 miles northwest of Augusta the state capital and just 12 miles down Rt. 41 from Farmington the Franklin County seat.

Vienna lies within the foothills of the western Maine mountains. On a clear day McGaffey Mountain — the highest point in Kennebec County—which is located in Vienna, provides views of Mount Washington, Mount Blue, the Camden Hills and Mount Katahdin.

Aging-In-Place and Its Limits - Vienna Health Officer, July 2019

Last month I wrote about advance directives and promised to explore powers of attorney (POAs) this time, but I’m going to defer that for a month and instead address “aging-in-place”, its value and limitations. Mt Vernon is actively planning a laudable community-wide program to allow more people with physical and/or cognitive limitations to remain here with help. Vienna, given its twin city status in Tom Ward’s “metroplex”, would be a logical partner as well.

Tick Bites and Diseases - Vienna Health Officer - June, 2019

Tick Bites and Diseases
Dan Onion, MD, MPH
Mt. Vernon/Vienna Health Officer
June, 2019

I just pulled the 5th tick of the year off my leg last night! It hadn’t embedded yet; rather it was racing up my leg to hide, tripping over my hairs and so alerting me. It reminded me that I haven’t written about ticks and the diseases they transmit in these columns since 2013! Time to review again, given that circumstances have worsened since then (Fig. 1).

Planning Board Meeting - February 27, 2019


The meeting convened at the Town House at 7:00 PM. Regular members present were Waine Whittier, Alan Williams, Creston Gaither, and Ed Lawless. Minutes of the January 23 meeting were read and accepted.

Creston had advertised tonight’s meeting as a public hearing on changes to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance (SZO) required by DEP (see January minutes). No public citizens appeared.

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