Selectmen's meeting

Meeting Date
Dodi Thompson, Chris Smith, Jeff Rackliff, Lidie Robbins
  1. Reviewed and dispersed mail
  2. Reviewed and accepted notes from previous meeting.
  3. Accepted a $50 donation from Kevin and Jacqueline Hill for the Vienna Fire Department (Basic Operation Account).
  4. Discussed foreclosed properties and a tentative date for opening bids. Selectmen will send out a flyer to all town residents and put a notice in the Kennebec Journal and the Vienna Website.
  5. Discussed with a town resident an issue with ditching on Klir Beck Road. Heavy rains have created issues with some of the ditches near Flying Pond. An on sight meeting is planned for selectmen, Vienna’s road commissioner, a representative from 30 Mile River, and a rep from Kennebec County Water and Soil Conservation to discuss the situation. Due to the instability of the ditches, sand has been washing in to the streams and Flying Pond. (It was determined that rock dams and plunge pools need to be added to the ditches.)

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